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Virgil and Nike The Off White is The Craziest Collab of Our Time

Virgil and Nike have created something special here.

In 2017 Nike partnered with Virgil Abloh and Off White for what has been nothing short of a Sneaker Phenomena.

"Nike sneaker silhouettes with an added twist from Off-White mastermind, Virgil Abloh. None of the designs are particularly groundbreaking: The shoes are simply popular models (Jordan 1s, Blazers, Air Prestos, etc.) with the word “AIR” printed on one side and the branding “OFF-WHITE for NIKE / (Insert Model Name Here) / Beaverton, Oregon USA / c. 2017” on the other"

NARESH IYENGAR Daily Style Editor

The History

Off White is an Italian Streetwear brand. The brand is known for its in season to season men's and women's lifestyle and high end streetwear and has 24 stores internationally. The brand is also carried by luxury stores like Barneys, and Harrods.

An Immaculate Collection

The Ten collection with Nike is something special. Taking his “deconstructive” design to the max, Abloh was allowed to tear apart and rebuild some of Nike’s most iconic running and basketball silhouettes. From the Nike Blazer, to the Air Max 97, to the Air Jordan 1, all have been altered, re-stitched, and re-layered for a one-of-a-kind collection you definitely want to get your hands on this fall. These sneakers all were instant sell outs. And resale value went for anywhere from 5 to 10 times the original resale.

It's Not HYPE, It's Real. The OFF White Nike Series is a Classic

What is so unique about these sneakers? It is rare to find anyone who can make a classic with a classic. The Air Force, The Air Max, The Air Jordan, are all battle tested. They have their own lane, and its a huge reason why Nike is the power house it is today. An American designer came out of nowhere and totally flipped the game on its ear. Take a look at all of Virgil's simplistic designs that have people around the world going crazy for the next Off-White Nike Drop!

Off White Hype

" Our unboxing revealed a unique and one of a kind offering, that will certainly put this collaboration in the history books."

By Matt Clark

" This is yet another collector’s piece. Admittedly I fell into the hype – I would have settled on any pair of The Ten collab, but I am very happy to have grabbed the Blazer model. It was definitely in my top 5 favourites silhouette out of the ten available."

By Judyna មេត្តា Pres

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