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May 2019- Corey O

Corey O

Corey O is the jack of all trades. Coming from the Red Rose city of Lancaster Pa. He's a young Army Veteran who feels he's accomplished his childhood goals in life at a very early age. Yet he strives to tackle bigger and better things! As a Rapper or a Singer, a vibe creator or a wave maker Corey O is always ahead of the curve.

Giving back to his city has been his main focus since he started his venture in the music industry. He puts pride into strengthening relationships and elevating his peers.

Coming from a war zone in Afghanistan to sharing stages with the likes of PNB Rock and Ja Rule, Corey O is different from anyone in the industry. What takes the cake is how talented he is. One listen to ANY of his tracks and you can't deny that. Look out for Corey O on all major platforms and stages near you! Checkout his his hot Whoadies with Lancaster native Dolo!.

You can connect with Corey at the following: to Corey O here: