Hip Hop Culture

Honoring Hip Hop Culture

Hip Hop Culture is more than music, though music does play a huge part in the overall hip hop culture, it is not the only thing to keep in mind. Perhaps more than music itself, fashion is one of the biggest parts of hip hop culture. Fashion in hip hop culture are pieces that are handcrafted, pieces that incorporate music, pieces that are one of a kind, and pieces that are unique and special to the wearer.


A fantastic piece can be something that is totally unique, that has no similar pieces anywhere else, and even those pieces that have been made specially for the wearer. 734 Kicks honors hip hop culture and creates pieces that are unique, stunning, and that are going to set anyone apart from the crowd. These pieces are stunning, unique, and perfect for wearers from all over when it comes to finding a piece that is going to work for their particular style and likes.